About Us

The Firm

Nobles is a full-service corporate law firm that advises public and private companies, banks, financial institutions, private equity firms, funds, investment banks, government entities and private high-net individuals in multiple industrial sectors and practice areas of Ukrainian and international business law. 

Our Values 
Meeting business needs


Nobles is a client-oriented firm that understands business needs of each particular client. Nobles combines an in-depth understanding of the Ukrainian market, experienced local and international lawyers with a commitment to the highest worldwide standards of legal, tax and financial consulting services. 


Practical and Efficient


Our experienced lawyers provide practical and efficient legal advice, offering solutions that either self-financing or cost efficient. We give clients solid guidance through the process in responsive and proactive manner, identifying potential problems in advance.




Nobles has the highest compliance standards on the legal market of Ukraine. The firm keeps accurate and complete accounting records and strictly adherence to international anti-bribery requirements. 

International outreach

Cooperating with law firms worldwide: whenever appropriate, Nobles draws on a network of 'best friend' law firms for cross-border matters. The firm has particularly close collaborative relationships in Central and Eastern Europe with its core cooperation partner, Noerr.


In countries of the CIS, other than Russia, the firm relies on long-lasting relations with top law firms in the area. This ensures that the international clients receive consistent and professional services in the post-Soviet areas in which they operate.


Nobles also cooperates with prominent international law firms for the benefit of their clients. In particular, the firm regularly assists various major law firms from the United States and United Kingdom in merger and acquisitions, merger clearance, dispute resolution, and other different investment and commercial matters.


Nobles originated as a spin-off of Noerr group in Kyiv. Noerr is one of the top European law firms, the Kyiv office was established in 2007.


On August 01, 2013, local senior lawyers took over the Ukrainian entity, changing the firm’s name to Nobles.