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The tax specialists of Nobles in Ukraine are experienced at providing and implementing efficient tax solutions for clients doing business in Ukraine. The primary focus is on advising and support of investment into Ukraine, commercial transaction structuring, currency control compliance, debt assignment and settlement, profit/investment repatriation, problematic import/export relations, sophisticated cross-border payments, etc. 

Our services


  • Reduction of corporate tax burden (i.e. VAT, profits tax, customs taxes)

  • Tax planning in specific transactions (including M&A) and in structuring business in general

  • Double tax treaty issues

  • Transfer pricing

  • Tax due diligence
Notable Experience


  • Advising Groupon Inc on VAT issues related to payment flow between Groupon, its Ukrainian business partners and customers related to sale of discount coupons in Ukraine

  • Advising Otto Group on tax aspects for winding up its e-Commerce distribution channel in Ukraine. The advice included VAT and profit tax issues related to disposal of investment goods and frustrated stock, supporting the client in disputes with tax authorities over alleged delays in VAT payments and tax-neutral elimination of significant cross-border loan obligations

  • Advising RISKAUDIT, a state owned French corporation in the nuclear safety sector, on tax efficient repatriation of foreign investment made to real estate objects in the 1990es. The complex advice included set-offs made offshore between the client and its German business partner as well as forex restrictions

  • Advising a leading Ukrainian construction company on a tax opinion on taxation of gains related to restructuring of cross-border payment obligations in the amount of EUR 2 mln between a Ukrainian group company and a subsidiary of a German DAX 30 corporation

  • Advising DKV Mobility regarding trans-border transport and subcontractor client’s services, structuring commercial transactions

  • Advising on corporate restructuring of German machinery producer subsidiary in Ukraine, including tax, currency control and customs issues for in-kind contributions (cars, equipment, etc) from the representative office to the subsidiary company's charter capital

  • Advising German machinery producer on tax risks related to restructuring of cross-border payment obligations/debt settlement between a German production company, a Ukrainian customer and a Ukrainian subsidiary of German machinery producer

  • Advising AJ Walter Aviation on tax consequences for return of leased engine (of total value EUR 5 mln) out of Ukraine

  • Advising Kyäni, a US-based multilevel marketing company that produces various juice products, in setting up its multilevel marketing sales and remuneration system in Ukraine 

Key Contacts

Denys Vergeles



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