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Intellectual Property



Nobles lawyers have been delivering practical and effective legal advice to world-renowned clients in Ukraine and in other countries on various IP-related matters, including trademarks, patents, copyright, regulatory data protection and exclusivity, trade secrets, and unfair competition.
Nobles lawyers are experienced in coping with top-level multidisciplinary cases. Mixture of developed IP, Antitrust & Competition and Dispute Resolution practices allows us to provide clients with refined advice on the most complex legal issues in Ukraine. We historically focus on IP transactions and contract work as well as IP-related dispute resolution. We also advise on registration strategies as well as on other IP-related matters.

Our services


  • IP audit and advising on registration strategy

  • IP-related contract works: assignment or acquisition of IP rights, franchising and distribution agreements, etc.

  • Representing Clients in IP-related disputes, including litigations and AMCU (Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine) unfair competition proceedings

  • Advising on taxation matters related to transactions with IP rights/objects

  • Advising on structuring software copyright transfers, complex trademark oppositions, invalidation of patents, enforcement of trade secrets, etc.

Notable Experience (recent non-confidential matters)


  • Represented Next Retail plc, multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer, in a dispute against a local infringer owning online and brick-and-mortar shops illegally benefitting from usage of Client`s IP rights.

  • Advising Carlsberg, one of the leading brewery groups in the world, on strategy of opposing a number of unfair competition acts (infringing TMs of the Client by lookalike products and designs) of its national and local competitors.

  • Represented Carlsberg in several proceedings (including IP-related court dispute and unfair competition case) brought up by one of the local beer market producers against Carlsberg as a part of a complex sponsorship-related IP dispute.

  • Representing EVER Neuro Pharma, an internationally established, fully integrated pharmaceutical company, in opposition to the bad faith registrations of a TM by a local company which unfairly uses IP objects and commercial naming of the Client in order to use Client`s reputation for marketing its lookalike products.

  • Advised a Groupon Inc., NYSE listed company, on potential trademark infringement litigation in Ukraine.

  • Advised Nokia Solutions and Networks, a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment company based, on regulatory and IP issues.

  • Advised King Digital Entertainment plc. on a potential trademark infringement litigation in Ukraine.

  • Advised Constantin Film AG, a German film production and film distribution company, on contractual matters and copyrights protection issues of the film distribution in Ukraine.

  • Advised EDANA on prosecution of illegal TMs` usage in terms of Ukrainian public procurements.

  • Advised Avon Products Inc. on IP related issues and data protection.

  • Advised TOA Technologies, Inc., American technology company, on the remedial assignment of IP rights from Ukrainian companies towards TOA Technologies.

Key Contacts
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