Intellectual Property



Today more than ever, intellectual property is an asset, which is critical to the operations of a modern enterprise. Unlike many other types of property, the value of intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, and know-how can actually increase over time, even without additional investment.


Intellectual property includes trademarks, trade names, internet domains, software, preview trailers, booklets, inventions, utility models, industrial items and processes, integrated circuit layouts, designs, etc. In other words, intellectual property can be either in the form of a tangible or an intangible object, as any intellectual creation, which has commercial value. The more a brand becomes well known, the more serious the threat of piracy and other violations of intellectual property rights become. Nobles attorneys are specialists in protecting intellectual property rights and are experienced in providing services to world-renowned clients in Ukraine and in other countries.

Our services


  • IP audit and IP due diligences
  • Legal support related to registration, assignment and cancellation of both international and local trademarks, patent inventions, utility models, and industrial designs
  • Legal support in recognition of trademarks as well known in Ukraine
  • Structuring transactions involving assignment or acquisition of IP rights, franchising, sale-purchase and distribution agreements
  • Ensuring both judicial and non-judicial measures, in particular, vis-a-vis state courts, SIPS, AMC authorities in terms of protection and securing of IP rights
  • Assessment of IP rights, advising on taxation matters related to transactions with IP rights/objects
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Notable Experience


  • Advised a Groupon Inc., NYSE listed company, on potential trademark infringement litigation in Ukraine

  • Advising Fortune 500 American multinational computer technology corporation, on the remedial assignment of IP rights from Ukrainian companies to a U.S. based company

  • Advising Austrian-based global media company, on regulatory and IP protection issues of TV chanel in Ukraine

  • Advising American technology company on the remedial assignment of IP rights from Ukrainian companies towards US based company

  • Provided legal advice to a Masco Corp. on IP related issues

  • Advised Constantin Film AG, a German film production and film distribution company, on contractual matters and copyrights protection issues of the film distribution in Ukraine

  • Advising global fashion and clothing retail company on various IP protection-related issues

  • Advised  Avon Products Inc. on IP related issues and data protection

  • Advised a London-based King Digital Entertainment plc. on a potential trademark infringement litigation in Ukraine

  • Advised TOA Technologies, Inc., American technology company, on the remedial assignment of IP rights from Ukrainian companies towards TOA Technologies

  • Advised Nokia Solutions and Networks, a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment company based, on regulatory and IP issues

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