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Real Estate and Land Law

Сучасна будівля


The practical application of existing Ukrainian legislation, combined with a constant stream of new laws and regulations, compels any company dealing in real estate (customers, contractors and others) to seek legal counsel with a precise and up-to-date understanding of Ukrainian property law and its practical impact on any project. Real estate is a core practice area of Nobles. Our experience in property law covers all stages of project development in all real estate sectors, such as land, office, production, retail objects or hotels.

Our services


  • Legal due diligence

  • Real estate investment documentation

  • Documentation for real estate joint ventures and partnerships

  • Restructuring real estate investments

  • Agricultural law and alternative energy

  • Public-private partnerships in Ukraine

  • PM/FM agreements, agency agreements and leases

  • Legal support of real estate construction

  • Advice on licensing and construction permit procedures

  • Privatizations

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Notable Experience


  • Advised a major German agricultural machinery producer on a number of real estate and land issues, including lease of premises and potential joint venture for show room facilities.

  • Advice to a high-net individual on purchase of high-street office building and negotiation of lease arrangements with notable international tenants (USD 20 million).

  • Advice to a private investment group on acquisition and subsequent sale of high-street office building (USD 8 million).

  • Arbitration support to a Swedish-based construction company against USD1.8 million claims from Ukrainian customer, commissioning and debt recovery.

  • Advised a UK investment fund on an ongoing basis regarding its development of a logistic park near Kiev.

  • Supported Bosch Siemens in the lease of about 1,500 sq. m. of office space in Ukraine.

  • Advised Global fashion and clothing retail company on lease agreements for high-street and shopping-centre rent.

  • Advised a German special grounds construction company on a building contract for the expansion of the American Embassy building in Kiev.

  • Advised the leading Portuguese energy group Martifer S.A. on real estate issues related to establishing wind farms in Crimea, Ukraine.

  • Provided legal advice to a German government development aid organization on a UEFA EURO-2012 hotel infrastructure improvement project in Ukraine.

Key Contacts
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