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Noerr at the International Bio-energy Forum “Harnessing the Potential of Agricultural Waste as a Sou

International Bioenergy Forum entitled “Harnessing the Potential of Agricultural Waste as a Source of Renewable Energy in Ukraine” took place on May 23, in InterContinental Hotel Kiev organized by IFC and Agrievent. Such a huge event dedicated to rather specific but quite important topic nowadays is truly unique. It`s purpose was to examine the potential of the use of agriculture re-lated bio-mass for renewable energies in Ukraine in the near future. In Ukraine, which is one of the most energy intensive countries in the world, the inter-est in renewable energy has been increasing over recent years. Bioenergy could satisfy a substantial percentage Ukraine’s energy needs. There are a range of technologies for creating bioenergy and a number of biomass sources, such as wood and agricultural residues. The latter includes straw, manure and food processing waste. Since agriculture accounts for a major part of the Ukrainian economy, there is huge potential for bioenergy in this sector in Ukraine. This is where the conference focussed its discussions. The current situation regarding use of biomass in Ukraine, information on regulatory frameworks in the EU, regulation in Ukraine and technological issues – were the main topics of discussions. Alexander Weigelt, Local Partner of Kiev office of the international law firm Noerr, moderated one of the sessions at the forum dedicated to the topic “Regulating generation of renewable energy from agri waste: Ukraine”. Being highly controversial, the topic generated interest among the attendees as well as active discussion among the panelists (representatives of the Ukrainian Parliament, the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NERC), the GREENERGY Initiative etc.). Purpose of panel to discuss regulations and existing barriers in Ukraine was achieved right after the discussion of such issues as: analysis of the Ukraine Renewable Energy sector and the effectiveness of the policy instruments used; incentives and connection to electricity grid; and public sector perspective of regulations.

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