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Round-table discussion on “Sanctions: Legislative Initiatives and Judicial Practice”

On April 11, Oleksandr Aleksyeyenko was one of the speakers at the online round-table discussion on “Sanctions: Legislative Initiatives and Judicial Practice”. The event was organized by the EU-funded project “Pravo-Justice” with participation of members of the Ukrainian parliament, state officials responsible for sanctions policy, business associations and experts community. The round-table was aimed at discussing problems of sanctions enforcement in the current legal environment and much anticipated legislative guidelines and improvements.

Oleksandr's contribution to the discussion provided valuable insights on a range of issues, including practical aspects of the sanctions policy, existing opportunities for improvement of the sanctions enforcement regulations and importance of sanctions screening. He also shared some useful for Ukraine aspects of how foreign states modernize and improve enforcement of sanctions in their jurisdictions.

With the ongoing war in Ukraine at the forefront of everyone's minds, the topic was not only crucial but also timely. We are grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to participate and contribute to such interesting event.



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