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Volodymyr Yakubovskyy spoke at the conference ‘European education for the new Ukraine’

On 17 October, 2015 Nobles partner Volodymyr Yakubovskyy spoke at the conference European education for the new Ukraine that took place at Hyatt Regency Kyiv. During the panel and round tables, Volodymyr took active part in the discussions about how important a world-class education is for Ukraine today, how important it is for the private business and for the country as a whole. Mr Yakubovskyy shared his experience studying in the U.S. and the UK and how it help him to succeed in life. He also offered some ideas how to get you the best education nowdays. You can watch the full video of the conference discussions following the link.

Nobles always encourages students to obtain wetern education and then join our team and gain first-class experience in the firm with international standards of legal services.

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