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Tatiana Iurkovska participated in Competition & Antitrust 2016 Roundtable

Tatiana Iurkovska, the partner of Nobles, who heads firm`s Corporate and M&A practices, took part in Competition & Antitrust 2016 Roundtable together with other experts from the top-notch international law firms, among which Agmon & Co., Happ Luther and Tark Grunte Sutkiene, etc. During the Roundtable, Ms. Iurkovska spoke about the recent regulatory developments in Ukrainian competition and antitrust law, key trends in litigation related to competition as well as shared her opinion on efficiency of platform regulation and best ways to conduct effective global antitrust and competition risk assessment for big market players.

Please find full version of the Competition & Antitrust 2016 Roundtable here and exclusive coverage of Ukrainian competition and antitrust matters here. Please also visit Corporate Livewire site.

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